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Mohammed AlShannaq

You are in an Internet Geek, Web developer & Data miner web site "Mohammed AlShannaq" or Me!, I started my technical life using black screens since 1997, and from that day I love the black color. I have used most known operating systems in this world starting from MS-DOS untill Microsoft Windows 10, but sure Linux is my favorite OS.

I'm not specialist but i'm A geek. I'm A PHP Programmer, Linux Administrator and I play with data (especially the big data). I know that reaching 100% of the security is not exists anymore - mission impossible - but I believe that we can make it hard to break, That is why I am an Ethical hacker. I do system analysis and I can work as a project manager.

I can feel the adrenaline goes up while trying to discover a new bug or trying to break a new system & I hate to sign any non disclosure agreements but I have to do that sometimes.

> No Spiders Were Harmed in the Making of This Website.

The most safe way to play is the single-player mode!

Mohammed AlShannaq - 2017

I like the name "Sam" so I took it as my nickname, if you want to contact me you can email me at , or just visit Contact page to see more available options.