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Mohammed AlShannaq
Internet geek, Web Developer & Data miner
P.O Box 552, Irbid 21110, Jordan

Web Development

I Am able to work on both sides (the Back-end and the Front-end portions of any website) using PHP programming language for the back-end and handle the website logic, database interaction,user authentication, server configuration ...etc. And for the front-end I work with A lot of techniques inclusing but not exclusive HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery, JQueryUI, JSON ... and many other tools. But unfortunately I'm not a good Graphics designer, so I prefer to work on the backend.

At the middle between the back-end and the front-end I can handle many challenges like working with SQL & NoSQL databases, RESTful APIs, The web application architecture, Algorithms & Data Structures, Dealing with cloud servers, Securings Linux servers and working with Git version control system.