Mohammed Shannaq
Internet Geek, Web developer & Data miner "Mohammed AlShannaq" , I have started my technical life using black screens since 1997, and from that day I love the black color. I have used most known operating systems in this world starting from MS-DOS until Microsoft Windows 10, but sure Linux is my favorite OS.

I'm not specialist but i'm A geek. I'm A PHP Programmer, Linux Administrator and I play with data (especially the big data). I know that reaching 100% of the security is not exists anymore - mission impossible - but I believe that we can make it hard to break, That is why I am an Ethical hacker. I do system analysis and I can work as a project manager.

I can feel the adrenaline goes up while trying to discover a new bug or trying to break a new system & I hate to sign any non disclosure agreements but I have to do that sometimes.

The most safe way to play is the single-player mode!

- Mohammed AlShannaq - 2017

As A Linux Administrator

I am A cPanel & WHM Administrator Certified , Amazon Web Services Engineer & I manage a lot of Linux servers for web hosting companies in Saudi Arabia. I can setup, maintain and monitor Web servers , Mail servers, DNS servers & File servers .. etc from the web hosting environment components. In fact I'm not only Linux server administrator but I have the required experience to manage web hosting departments and companies.

I am professional in dealing with Centos, Debian, Ubuntu, CloudLinux, Amazon Linux whatever they are running on bare-metal hardware or virtually or even on the cloud.


For more information you can contact me.


Feb-2019 - I have pushed the initial release 0.0.1 of dofda3 box into vagrant cloud. dofda3 is ready to use as A Linux Development Environment for PHP Developers Includes Ubuntu 18.04.1, Apache 2.4.29 MySQL 5.7.25, Multi PHP Versions (PHP 5.6, PHP 7.0, PHP 7.1, PHP 7.2), phpMyAdmin 4.8.5, MailHog.

for more information about how to use it please visit dofda3 web page.

Amazon Lightsail training videos in Arabic - on my Youtube channel

Feb-2019 - I'm happy to announce that I've started A new training playlist on my youtube channel which I'm talking about Amazon Lightsail in Arabic language. you can view the playlist by clicking here.