Mohamed AlShannaq

cPanel & WHM Certified System Administrator

Experienced WHM/cPanel system administrator with 10+ years of experience managing and operating web hosting servers. Proven ability to create, tweak, and run web hosting infrastructure using cPanel.

Linux administrator since 2005, I come to this field from Terminals and command line command line but cPanel is a better choice for customers and hosting companies.

I can deal with almost everything related to WHM/Cpanel Servers including but not limited to:

  • Installing Linux operating system and setup network.
  • Installing and configure WHM/Cpanel and tweaking the system.
  • Installing, tweaking & securing  related services such as Firewalls , Web Server, DNS Server, Database, Mail Server, FTP Server & sure anti viruses & malwares.
  • Set up backup settings and create disaster recovery plans.
  • Set up Monitoring & health check tools.
  • Dealing with Hacked servers and implementing disaster recovery plans.

PHP Backend Developer

Senior PHP Programmer with extensive experience in all aspects of programming, including coding logic, system analysis, and database management. I don't just write code; I design and build web apps , APIs, and systems.

In addition to my expertise in PHP, I am well-versed in utilizing project management tools to streamline workflows and enhance collaboration within development teams. I have hands-on experience with industry-standard tools such as Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and Waterfall, enabling efficient project planning, task tracking, and seamless communication.

Furthermore, my proficiency extends to working with prominent PHP frameworks, including Symfony, CodeIgniter, Laravel, and Slim. Leveraging the power of these frameworks, I've successfully developed scalable and maintainable web applications that meet both client and business requirements.

It's worth noting that while I am not a full-stack developer, my comprehensive skill set encompasses both back-end and front-end development using HTML , CSS and JavaScript.


Besides,  I regularly use hundreds of tools and technologies on a regular basis to do my job. Some of these tools include but not limited to:

  • AWS (Amazon Web Services): For deploying applications and systems on AWS Cloud.
  • Proxmox VE & Proxmox BS: For real virtualization computing of development and production systems.
  • VirtualBox & Vagrant: For virtualization computing of development systems.
  • git: Including local git repositories, GitHub &  GitLab in software development to track changes to code.
  • Markdown, Sphinxdocs and Mkdocs : for text formatting and creating clear and concise documentation.

As Instructor

Open-Source Contributions

  • I am a contributor to the Extendy project, which is a project by MassarCloud for Open Source applications and tools.
  • Contributor to the development of CodeIgniter Shield project. It is an authentication and authorization framework for CodeIgniter 4. I love this project so I am active user of its community.
  • Translating CodeIgniter framework to Arabic, I have translate some of arabic translation of CodeIgniter4 framework. And I am monitoring the framework for any new features to translate into Arabic.
  • Actively involved in monitoring multiple open-source projects, staying abreast of developments and contributing to collaborative efforts.

Take a look at my GitHub account: and Github Gist

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